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(optional) Defines whether message contributions made by mailing list members will be automatically approved, or whether the message needs to be approved by a list administrator.

The options are:
1) not moderated
2) all messages must be approved
3) new members need to have a number of messages approved

In the first choice, not moderated means that message contributions from mailing list members will be automatically approved, and be automatically distributed to the mailing list.

In the second choice, all messages means that message contributions from mailing list members will be held for approval by a list administrator before being distributed to the mailing list.

In the third choice, number of messages means that new members must have their first few message contributions approved. Thereafter, they will be able to contribute messages without needing approval. The number of approvals new members need is set by the next field, Approve #. If the Moderated setting is changed to number of messages after the list is created and people have joined, only the members who join after the change will be subjected to number of messages moderating. The pre-existing members will be considered as having passed their initial approval requirements. If the Moderated setting is changed from number of messages to another setting, the new setting will apply, and members who still had a number of messages to be approved will instead be held to the new Moderated setting.

Message contributions from List Administrators are never held for moderated approval, they are always approved. Since the List Administrator is the person who approves moderated messages, it would not make sense if the List Administrator had to approve their own message contributions.

List Administrators who have their settings defined to receive Admin Mail will receive an email notice when a message has been contributed and needs approval. The List Administrator will then go to the Lyris Web Interface and approve or reject the message contributions. Or, if the mailing list is set to automatically Release moderated messages, the List Administrator does not need to do anything for moderated messages to be approved: the messages will be automatically approved after the Release period has passed.

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