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Moving a Lyris Installation to a New Machine
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Installing Lyris
Moving a Lyris Installation to a New Machine
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Moving a Lyris Installation to a New Machine

If you have Lyris running on one machine, and want to move the entire installation to a new machine, please follow these steps:

* shut down your lyris server

* backup your entire Lyris directory (always a good precaution)

* install Lyris on the new machine, using the standard Lyris distribution. Once you get the first web interface page up on your web browser, which reads, "Thank you for installing Lyris", you can stop -- you do not need to configure the new Lyris server.

* shut down the Lyris server on the new machine

* copy the contents of the Lyris 'db' directory from your old machine to your new machine. On Windows, this directory is located in c:\lyris\db and on Unix it is located in /opt/lyris/bin/db

* start your new Lyris server back up

* use the web interface to go to the "server admin" menu, and edit any sites you have, so that the "host name" field for each site is the name of the new machine that you moved Lyris to.

You're done!

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