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New in 3.0 beta 2 (v2.543)
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New in 3.0 beta 2 (v2.543)
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New in 3.0 beta 2 (v2.543)


Nochange option: added a "nochange" option to the "reply-to" and "to" mailing list settings. This allows you to choose to have Lyris not change these headers in list postings. By default, the "Reply-to:" and "To:" headers are set by Lyris to be the mailing list. See Reply To and To: Header.

Fix for blank From: If the "From:" field is empty, as it is on some contributed messages, Lyris will now create a "From:" field based on the Return-Path value. This behavior is consistent with other mail servers, such as sendmail. Previously, the messages were being posted as-is, resulting in some confusion because the target mail system would often create one on its own from the Return-Path that Lyris uses, which is listname-admin@...

Hostname must be a name: the "host name" field for a "site" no longer will accept a tcp/ip address. You must enter a real host name. Previously, tcp/ip addresses were allowed, and people would then have problems because having a From: be a tcp/ip address is not supported by a wide number of other mail servers.

Bug fixes

Fixed an initialization bug caused when no serial number was defined. With no serial number defined, Lyris would queue up more jobs that necessary, resulting in a loss of server efficiency.

Fixed a bug where the some mail jobs in the outgoing mail queue were marked as "pending" (currently sending) when they were actually waiting for a thread to enable them to send. Now, jobs are only labeled "pending" if they really are currently sending.

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