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New in 3.0 beta 4 (v2.547)
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New in 3.0 beta 4 (v2.547)
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New in 3.0 beta 4 (v2.547)

New Features:

anonymous list hosting - an option in the "list info" page which makes all postings to your list come from "Anonymous". All headers in the message postings are removed, except for the Subject: and MIME encoding headers. Please note that this feature does not check the body of the message for any identifying marks. So, for instance, if you post a message with your "signature" (or vcard) at the bottom, you will be divulging your identity. See Anonymous Headers.

max message quoting limit - an option in the "list info" page which limits the number of continuously quoted lines in a message. Quoted lines are identified as beginning with the > character. Messages over this limits are rejected, with an explanatory message. Note that this applies to continuous quoted lines, not to the total amount of quoted lines in the message. See Max Quoting Allowed.

max messages per day per user limit - an option in the "list info" page which sets the maximum number of messages a single member can post to a mailing list in one day. See Max Posts Per Member.


Further performance improvements in mail sending speed.

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