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Number moderating
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Number moderating

Some members are moderated, and need to be approved a certain number of times before posting unmoderated.

On discussion mailing lists, most people are civil, and it is only a few trouble-makers who tend to ruin things. In general, a trouble-maker identifies themselves from the outset, with their first few postings, by their difficult attitude.

For this reason, Lyris supports the concept of "number moderating".

Number moderating assumes that the first few postings of new members should be checked by the moderator. After these few postings have been approved, the member has proven themselves as trustworthy and their postings no longer require admin approval.

Number moderating is a feature which strikes a happy medium between the total freedom of an "open" mailing list, and the sometimes excessive work needed to totally moderate a mailing list.

To use this feature, you set your mailing list to "number moderated" and pick the number of messages that new members should need approved. Generally, a setting between 1 and 3 works best.

Another option is to set your list for number moderating, and set your list so that new members require no approvals. This will create a mailing list that acts "open", except that if you spot a member who is causing trouble, you can change that member's settings so that they need several more approvals. This allows you to leave a list open, and then, once you identify a trouble-maker, make that person's next few messages need your approval.

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