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Overview of the NT Authentication Option
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Overview of the NT Authentication Option
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Overview of the NT Authentication Option

The NT authentication option allows you to use Windows NT user names, passwords and domains to control the security logins of the web interface of your Lyris server. This allows you to centralize your security profiles within the Windows NT framework, rather than needing to use the separate framework which Lyris provides. For example, if you are using IIS, which also supports NT security authentication, you can coordinate your Lyris and IIS security through NT security.

This NT authentication option only works for sites running their Lyris server on Windows NT. It does not matter what client operating system you use for your web browser.

Here is an example: you can have a NT security group called "lyris-server-admin", use the NT User Manager to assign users to that group, and then use this NT user name and password to log into the web interface. If the user changes their password, this password is automatically reflected in what Lyris requires. In fact, with this option, Lyris no longer stores names and passwords in its databases, but instead performs live checks against the NT security registry to authenticate login attempts, and determine user security.

Note that this option only controls web interface logins to the web interface. It does not control the security of email messages, nor the security of members of a list.

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