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Problem: NT setup exits during the TCP/IP check
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Installing Lyris
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What is the TCP/IP check for?
Problem: NT setup exits during the TCP/IP check
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Installing Lyris on Unix
Mail Server Coexistence
Upgrading to Lyris from Another List Server
Frequently Asked Questions

Problem: NT setup exits during the TCP/IP check

The Setup program tries to determine what TCP/IP address your hostname uses. It does this by asking your DNS server. If your DNS server does not know what TCP/IP address your hostname should use, the Setup program is unable to continue.

If Setup exits, you should bring up a DOS window, and type "ping.exe hostname", substituting your host name of "hostname". The ping should succeed. If it fails, then your TCP/IP configuration is incorrect, and you should talk to your system administrator.

Another common problem is that the TCP/IP "netmask" is set incorrectly. If ping succeeds, you should check that.

There is a known bug in RAS for Windows NT 4.0 that prevents Lyris from running. RAS for Windows NT 3.51 is not a problem. To fix this problem, install the Service Pack 3 for Windows NT 4.

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