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Reject Email Submissions
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Reject Email Submissions

This setting determines whether all submissions sent via email should be automatically rejected. By default, this is set to allow submissions by email. If you set this to "yes", then any email that is sent to the list will automatically be rejected. Only postings made through the Lyris web interface, or via a Perl script (using the Lyris/Perl toolkit) will be allowed.

Email can fairly easily be "spoofed", that is, someone can make the email appear to be from someone it isn't from. Thus, email is not a very secure mechanism for authenticating users. Someone malicious can configure their email program to be someone else, and send messages as if they were that person.

In most mailing list situations, users behave ethically, and do not impersonate others, so the risk of abuse is minimal.

However, you may have a need to have as much security as possible, so that there is very little risk of improper email getting posted to your list. In such a case, you might want to disallow all postings over email. Only postings through the web interface, or postings made with a Perl script will be allowed. Note that these postings will be subject to normal security settings, such as moderation, action phrases, etc.

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