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Reply To

(optional) If defined, replaces the Reply-To: which the Lyris Server normally places in outgoing mailing list mail, and replaces it with the contents of this field. Normally, the Reply-To: is the email address of the mailing list, so that recipients of mail from a mailing list can reply back to the mailing list.

It might be useful for an announcement to change this. For example, an announcement of a meeting might go out to the mailing list, but you might want replies to the announcement to be directed at the person scheduling the meeting, so that the person will be notified if people can or cannot come to the meeting. In such a case, the person's email address would be the Reply-To:.

Note: the Reply-To: text is generally an email address, as in:

or a combination description/email, as in:

    "Meeting Administrator" <>

If you enter text in the Reply-To: field which is not a valid email address, some mail systems may refuse email messages that contain this text, and you will cause mail problems.

Reply to Author

Lyris can also make the Reply-To be the original author of the message. If you use this option, both the From: and the Reply-To will be the email address of the original author, and there will be no direct mechanism for replying to the list.

The have the Reply-To be the author name, enter the word "author" as the Reply-To text.

Leave Reply-To Unchanged

Lyris has the option of not changing the Reply-To status of a contributed message, and distributing it as-is. In this mode, Lyris will not create, delete or overwrite the Reply-To field. If the message sent to the list has a Reply-To: field in it, the message will be distributed with this Reply-To field intact. If the message sent to the list has no Reply-To field, Lyris will not add one. Without this option set, Lyris by default replaces whatever is in the contributed message's Reply-To field with the address of the mailing list, so that it is easy for people to submit messages to the list.

To enable this option, and leave untouched the Reply-To field of contributed messages, enter the word "nochange" as the Reply-To text.

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