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The send command allows you to email a Lyris document to any number of email addresses. For instance, if you receive a request to join a private list, you might want to send the applicant a document describing the guidelines for being allowed into the mailing list. Or, if you have an announcement you would like to make to a number of people, you can use the send command to send a "one time message" to them, without the work of creating a mailing list.

The syntax of send command is:

    send document-name email-address [email-address] …

The document-name must be a currently existing Lyris document. For more information about Lyris documents, see Server Documents.

You can also use the line-continuation character, "\" to specify as many email addresses as you like, without being restricted by the length of a line. For example:

    send I_am_going_on_vacation \ \ \ \

The From: and Reply-To: of the message sent is by default the email address and name that you are issuing the send command from. If you would like the From: and Reply-To: to be something else, you can use the become command to assume another identity, and then use the send command with that identity. For more information about the become command, see Become.

The send command is only available to administrators. You must issue a "login" command before using the send command. For more information about login, see Login.

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