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Server Action Phrases
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Server Action Phrases

Action phrases tell Lyris to look for certain words and respond by mailing the document you specify.

When mail is sent to a mailing list, the message is first checked to see if it contains any action phrases. If it does, the mail is rejected, and a response document is mailed back. For example, you may want to prohibit swearing on certain mailing lists.

You can also define Action Phrases that check mail sent to the List Server address (lyris@hostname…). To do this, you set the Action Phrase Context to "lyris@".

Also, you can set up a "document robot" which responds to certain phrases (such as "sales info" or "price list") by sending back the appropriate document. To set up a document robot, you would set up a mailing list with no members (perhaps called robot) and install action phrases on that mailing list.

If you click on the Action Phrases button on the Server Admin Menu, a page will be displayed where you can choose to either Edit or Delete an existing Action Phrase, or create a new one.


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