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Server Admin Log
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Server Admin Log

The Lyris log contains various operating information, and contains the following elements:

Log Entries
On each line is displayed a one line summary of the log entry. The entries are displayed in a scrolling list box.

View Log Entry
Clicking this button displays the item currently selected in the Log Entries list box. See below for more information.

Currently Displaying
These two lines inform you of the number of total log entries (first line), and the log entries currently being displayed (second line).

Display at once
This drop down list box defines the number of log entries to display at once on this screen. If you choose a different number, and clicks the Show button, a larger number of log entries (if available) will be displayed.

Delete Log Entries From XX to YY
You can delete individual log entries, or ranges of log entries, by using this feature. Note: you can also delete all entries in the log with the "dblogcreate" Lyris command line option. See Database Operations.


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