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Shutdown Server
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Shutdown Server

Clicking the Shutdown button will bring you to a page asking to confirm that you want to shutdown this Lyris server.

If you click the Cancel button, they will be returned the Server Admin Menu. On the other hand, if they click the Shutdown button, the Lyris server will be shutdown, and a page will be displayed showing you that the server has been shut down.

Note that it may take some time (up to a few minutes) to completely shutdown the Lyris server. If the server is currently sending mail, Lyris will wait until the mail currently being sent is successfully sent, or will cancel the mail sends if it is safe to do so without the possibility of a double-send (duplicate receipt) of the message.

If you exit the Lyris server by force, without a proper shutdown, it is possible, but unlikely, that the messages currently being sent will be double sent. This problem is caused by some receiving mail systems that will send a partially transmitted message to a user in the even that the message send was disrupted. In such a case, the user would receive the partial message, and then the full message separately once the Lyris server was restarted.

Also, if the Lyris server is forcibly exited, without a proper shutdown, it is possible, though unlikely that one of the Lyris database files would be damaged, and Lyris would be unable to reload (you will receive an error message if this is the case). In such a case, you will need to repair the database files, by running Lyris with the command:

    lyris dbfix

Lyris will check for any database errors and correct them. Once this step is done, you will once again be able to run Lyris normally.

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