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Site Logo

(optional) The URL to a web-ready graphic to be displayed in the Lyris Web Interface. In most cases, this will be your organization's logo. Since the Lyris Web Interface uses white as a background color for all the web pages, it is a good idea to make your graphic look good on a white background. This URL can be a local path (off of your Web Server's document root), such as /graphics/logo.gif or a full URL, as in If you specify a full URL, the graphic does not need to reside on the same Web server as the Lyris Web Interface. This is convenient, because it means that you can update the logo graphic without having access to the hard drive on the machine running Lyris.

The Site Logo is displayed on the Lyris Home Page for your Site. If no Site Logo is defined (it is optional), the Site Description text is displayed instead. If no Site Description text is defined, the Site Name is displayed instead.

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