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The statistics page displays up-to-the-instant information about the current workings of your Lyris server. A variety of different pieces of information is displayed, such as the activity of the indexer, the number of mail jobs, the number and type of mail sending threads.

If you click the "reload this page" button at the bottom of the statistics page, the page will reload, the difference between the two page loads will be calculated, and the mail delivery speed in the period will be displayed

If you click the "mail delivery statistics" button, a chart will be displayed indicating the speed of mail delivery over time. The frequency of the data points, and the number of data points on this chart can be effected through the server config settings Mail Delivery Statistics Size and Mail Delivery Statistics Interval.

Thread-tracking: if you start Lyris in the foreground, with the thread-tracking option on, then additional information about the SMTP state of every mail delivery thread will also be displayed at the bottom of the statistics page. See Starting Lyris.

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