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Defines whether this person is a normal member, meaning that they can participate in the mailing list, or if their status is otherwise. The different types are:

* normal - a normal member.

* confirm - the person has requested to join this mailing list, has received an email message asking them to confirm their membership, but has not accepted the confirmation message. This person's membership is waiting for be confirmed. Once the confirmation message is received, the person's type will change to normal.

* private - the person has requested to join this mailing list, but because this mailing list is set to private, their request to join is waiting for an administrator to approve it by changing their membership to normal. A private mailing list is one where requests to join the mailing list must be approved by a list administrator. When a mailing list is set to private, mailing list administrators who have Admin Mail set to Yes (see below) receive a short email notification message for each request to join the private mailing list.

* expired - the member had their membership set to expire on a certain date (see below) and that date has past, so this person's membership has expired and is no longer active.

* held - the member's email address was invalid, or bounced mailing list messages for several days. Therefore, their membership was held and their mail is no longer sent to their address until their status is returned to normal.

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