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Subscribing with the Lyris@ address
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Subscribing with the Lyris@ address
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Subscribing with the Lyris@ address

You can subscribe to a mailing list by sending a subscribe command to the address. The lyris@ address is referred to as the "List Server" address in this documentation.

When sent to the List Server address, any of the following subscribe syntaxes are acceptable:

    subscribe listname
    subscribe listname password
    subscribe listname your name
    subscribe listname your name password
    subscribe listname password your name

The password syntaxes are only applicable if the mailing list is password protected, and in such a case the password must be specified at subscription time in order to be accepted. In the cases where the person's name is specified next to the Password, Lyris is able to extract the password from the text, and correctly understands that what remains is the person's name.

In the above prototypes, the your name labels are place holders where the person subscribing can insert their name. The person's name does not need to be two words--all the words at the end of the subscribe command will be understood as the person's name.

For instance, the following subscribe command is valid:

    subscribe jazz-discuss Mr. James Barton Smith

If the subscriber does not specify their name on the subscribe command line, Lyris will attempt to determine the person's name from their email address. For example, if their email message says:
From: James Smith <>

Lyris will extract the name James Smith and apply it as part of this member's subscription settings.

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