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TCP/IP Addresses of Lyris Admins
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· Introduction
· Lyris Email Commands
· Web Interface for Users
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· Site Administrator
· List Administrator
· Other Topics
· · Security Considerations
· · Security Issues Relating to Members
· · Lyris Mail Merge
· · The Lyris command line
· · Modifying lyris.plc
· · · Default Site
· · · TCP/IP Address of Lyris Server
· · · TCP/IP Port of Lyris Server
· · · TCP/IP Socket Connection Retries
· · · Temporary Directory
· · · Location of Lyris Web Interface Graphics
· · · Debugging Mode
· · · LCP Password Setting
· · · TCP/IP Addresses of Lyris Admins
· · · TCP/IP Addresses of Lyris Users
· · · Disable Help in the Web Interface
· · · Location of Web Interface Help Files
· · · Lyris Unavailable Message
· · · "Hosts the Following…" message text
· · · Web Interface Header and Footer
· · · Lyris Face Graphic
· · · Lyris Logo Graphic
· · · Lyris Home Button
· Add-On Packages
· Installing and Upgrading
· Appendix
· Frequently Asked Questions

TCP/IP Addresses of Lyris Admins


This parameter specifies the TCP/IP address mask of computers that are allowed to login as administrators. Adding this setting will remove the "admin" link from the web interface for anyone whose TCP/IP address does not match

Administrators always have to give a name and password to login, and this provides a reasonable level of security. If the admin_ip parameter is undefined, then any user can get the "Administrator Login" screen and try to login. However, without a valid username and password, they will not be able to access administrator functions.

The admin_ip parameter provides additional security, by displaying the "Administrator Login" menu only to approved TCP/IP addresses. Other users will not even see the "admin" menu choice.

This parameter is a mask, meaning that it specifies a pattern to look for. For example, if you specify "207.105.6.", then any user with a TCP/IP addresses beginning with "207.105.6." will see the admin menu.

This parameter allows you to restrict administrator access to TCP/IP addresses within your company.

You can specify as many admin_ip address as you like. The following example would allow admin menu access to TCP/IP addresses beginning with 193.158.17.* and 198.15.* as well as to the specific address


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