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The Simplest Method for Subscribing
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The Simplest Method for Subscribing
Alternatives for the word "subscribe"
Subscribing with the Lyris@ address
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Backwards Compatibility of Subscribing Methods
Subscribing with the listname-request address
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The Simplest Method for Subscribing

It is often simplest to tell your users to use the Command-Listname address to join a mailing list. For instance, people can join a mailing list called "jazztalk" by sending email to

All the different aliases (sub, suscribe, subscribe, on, signon) can be used, and the Listname-Command@ order can be reversed. For instance, all of the following are equivalent:

Lyris will automatically determine, by receiving the email, that the person wants to subscribe to a list called "jazztalk", and Lyris will automatically determine their email address and name.

Note: if your list is password protected, then users cannot use this form of subscribing, and must instead send mail to or send mail to

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