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Up & Coming
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Up & Coming

Up & Coming

What New Features are Coming?

Lyris/SQL: a version of Lyris which uses a SQL database instead of the Lyris FoxPro engine. We plan to directly support Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and ODBC.

Lyris Engine: a product which is the stripped down Lyris mail engine, which you can then use in whatever applications you have. Useful for sites that need to improved speed of Lyris, but already have their own email applications.

Chat/Conferencing: Lyris will also support real-time one on one and group discussions.

Reporting: an optional reporting module will provide details statistics and usage analysis of your Lyris server. You will be able to export the reports to most common formats, including HTML, MS Word, Excel

Lyris Announcer: a specialized version of Lyris for direct-mail users. This version is optimized for users who want to create one-direction mailing lists, where they send mail to people, but people cannot contribute to a discussion.

Non-English languages: Lyris is being translated into several non-English languages. All features will be available in that native language. We currently plan to support French, German and Spanish.

Live Chats: you will be able to have live discussions with other members of your Lyris mailing list.

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