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Usenet Newsgroups
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Usenet Newsgroups

What about Usenet Newsgroups?

Lyris is able to act as a Newsgroup server for the mailing lists that it provides. To access this feature, point your News browser at your Lyris server. If you are using Netscape or Internet Explorer 4, you can use the URL news://servername/list-name to access the Newsgroup.

Note that the full Newsgroup feature is provided with the Lyris MultiView List Server, and with the Lyris Newsgroup List Server. With the Lyris Email List Server, the newsgroup feature is in demonstration mode. You will be able to use the Newsgroup feature, but your messages will be truncated after a certain size, and a disclaimer will appear at the bottom of your messages. If you decide that you want the Newsgroup feature, you can upgrade to the MultiView List Server to have the full functionality.

See Available as a Newsgroup.

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