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Using the NT authentication option
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Using the NT authentication option
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Using the NT authentication option

To use the NT authentication option in Lyris, you first need to install it. Refer to the next chapter for assistance on doing this.

Once you have installed the NT authentication option, you need to create NT groups to represent the various security roles you want to be able to assign.

There are three kinds of NT groups that Lyris recognizes. These are:

    lyris-site-admin-<site name>
    lyris-list-admin-<list name>

For example, the group which grants security rights to a list named "soccer", would be a group named "lyris-list-admin-soccer". You would then use the NT User Manager program to assign this group right to whichever users should have this right.

When logging into the Lyris web interface, you are faced with the "admin login" page. On this page, Lyris asks for your name and password. On this page, you now enter the NT user name, and NT user password that you want to use. When you click the form submit button, Lyris will verify your password, and allow you whatever pages your NT groups allow you into.

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