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View, Sort and Select Incoming Messages
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View, Sort and Select Incoming Messages

Most Lyris servers receive a large amount of incoming mail. For this reason, Lyris provides a number of ways to filter, sort and display the incoming mail so that you can find the mail you are looking for.

The top of the Incoming Mail page has the following selections available:

Show What Messages
This allows you to select which incoming mail messages you want to view. The choices are:

* show all messages -- selects all incoming mail messages

* listname: all -- selects all incoming mail messages that are related to the given mailing list

Note that if you are viewing this web page as a list administrator, that the "Show What Messages" option will not display, as you are only allowed to view messages for your mailing list.

Show up to XXX messages
This allows you to select how many messages you want to display at once. Lyris always loads the newest messages first. Because many administrators connect over the Internet, they may not want to have to wait to download a large HTML page listing hundreds of messages. Also, some web browsers will crash if the HTML page is too large. This option allows you to select how many messages to show at once.

Sort by XXX
This allows you to select how you want the mail messages sorted on your display. You can sort by any of the displayed fields. The values for the sorted column will appear in a slightly darker shade of grey to indicate that they are being sorted.

Show Button
This button will reload the Incoming Mail, displaying the mail according to the display options you selected.

View Selected Message
This button will bring up a new web interface page that will display the selected message in its entirety, along with any informational fields for that message.

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