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Visibility of the existence of the mailing list
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Visibility of the existence of the mailing list
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Visibility of the existence of the mailing list

When you create a mailing list in Lyris, its existence is visible in several places.

1) Within each topic of the Lyris web interface, the mailing lists for that topic are displayed. Topics may be "hidden", so that all the mailing lists in that topic are automatically hidden as well.

2) With a single topic, each mailing list can be "hidden" as well. If someone already knows that the list exists (by some other means that Lyris telling them), then they can access the Lyris web interface for that mailing list by using the "enter=listname" option on the Web interface URL.

3) The "lists" email command displays all the mailing lists for a site. If a mailing list has been "hidden", it will not appear in the output of the "lists" command.

4) In the global directories of mailing lists, such as "" and "". The "global" mailing list setting determines whether a mailing list should be visible in these global directories or not.

5) Basic list information. If your list is not "hidden", then non-members are allowed to get basic information about the mailing list, such as its name, who is the administrator, and other things believed to be helpful to non-members to decide whether they should join the mailing list. You can prevent non-members from being able to obtain this information by changing the "allow info" mailing list setting.

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