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What about MIME Digests?
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What about MIME Digests?

Lyris does not currently support MIME digests, and only does plain text digests. The reason for this is that a great many email programs (such as Microsoft Mail) have trouble reading MIME digest messages, and this often causes significant technical problems. Some newer mail programs (such as Pegasus mail) support MIME digests, but since a very large portion of mail programs still cannot read this format, Lyris is not currently supporting it.

This is a typical quote about MIME digests (about the ListProc list server software, which does use MIME digests):

    > I manage a ListProcessor version 8.1 site on
    > and we've run into no end of problems with its use
    > of MIME multipart/mixed based digests. LP8.1
    > generates a multipart/mixed with 2 parts, 1
    > text/plain and 1 multipart/digest. There are a
    > number of mail readers that incorrectly process
    > this digest style.
    > The RFC2046 spec is a good idea but the current crop
    > of mail readers aren't up to handling it properly.

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