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What else does Lyris do?
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What does Lyris Do?
What is a mailing list?
What can you do with mailing lists?
How does Lyris fulfill this service?
What else does Lyris do?
What do you need to use Lyris?
Feature Overview
Lyris Menu Overview
What different roles are there?
Lyris Email Commands
Web Interface for Users
Server Administrator
Site Administrator
List Administrator
Other Topics
Add-On Packages
Installing and Upgrading
Frequently Asked Questions

What else does Lyris do?

Besides mailing lists, Lyris also does auto-responders and "mail robots".

An autoresponder is an email address that sends back a document when someone writes to it. For example, you can set up a "" auto-responder that sends back a price sheet to whoever sends mail to it.

A "mail robot" is an email address that responds to commands by sending email back. You define the words the Robot looks for, and how it responds. For example, you can have a "" email address. If someone sends the words "send price sheet" you can have it look for the words "send price sheet" and respond by mailing a price sheet back. You can define as many "action phrases" as you like, each with its own response document.

For more information about Action Phrases, Server Action Phrases.
For more information about Documents, see Server Documents.
For more information about Auto-Responders, see Auto-Responders.

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