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What is the TCP/IP check for?
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Installing Lyris
Moving a Lyris Installation to a New Machine
Installing Lyris as a Windows Service
Do I need a mail server in order to run Lyris?
What is the TCP/IP check for?
Problem: NT setup exits during the TCP/IP check
Installing the Web Interface on a separate Web Server
Living with a Firewall
Installing Lyris on Unix
Mail Server Coexistence
Upgrading to Lyris from Another List Server
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TCP/IP check for?

The TCP/IP check looks to see if you are running a web server and/or an email server, retrieves your host name and TCP/IP address, and checks that your domain name server has a TCP/IP entry for your hostname. Some of this information is used by Setup to self-configure Lyris for your system, and other information is used to verify that your TCP/IP configuration is correct.

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