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Windows NT vs. Windows 95
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Windows NT vs. Windows 95

> Are there any major advantages (besides all the
> normal stuff about security and crash protection)
> to running under NT?

There are differences in how Win95 performs vs. WinNT when there are several program running.

When you are using the Lyris Web interface (say, using Netscape) on the same Win95 computer running Lyris, you will notice that it is much slower than from other machines.

In our test situation, we ran the Netscape Fasttrack Server on Win95, then ran Lyris on that same machine.

Using the web interface on Win95 to the Lyris server on the same machine was fairly slow, about 5-7 seconds per page (vs. 2-3 seconds normally). However, when we went to another machine, and used the Web Interface that was running on the Win95 machine, the web interface was very fast. In fact, we were surprised to find that it was slightly faster than WinNT.

We attribute this to the fact that multitasking in Win95 is much more foreground-task oriented than WinNT. So, when you have Netscape running in the foreground, Win95 does not give much CPU time to other programs (such as Lyris and your Web Server software), and so they run slowly. But, when there is nothing running on Win95, and Lyris is asked to do something, Win95 gives Lyris a large amount of CPU time, and it finishes the task slightly faster than WinNT.

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