News Release

October 14, 2013

North County Volunteer Corps to host seventh-grade career day at Lompoc Valley Middle School

Seventh-graders at Lompoc Valley Middle School will have an opportunity to learn about career options and meet local experts at a “career day” organized by the North County Volunteer Corps on Oct. 29.

During the event, from 12:15 to 2:45 p.m., students will rotate among classrooms to hear guest speakers from a wide range of career fields.

Additional speakers are welcome to sign up now for this event and others in the future. Based on students’ statements and requests from the school, the main career interests at Lompoc Valley are in the medical, financial, hospitality, agricultural, and military fields.

This will be the North County Volunteer Corps’ first career day in the Lompoc area. The intention is to enhance public education by helping students connect “real world” careers and concepts with what is being taught in their classrooms.

The North County Volunteer Corps (NCVC) is administered jointly by the Santa Barbara County Education Office, the United Boys & Girls Club of Lompoc, and the Santa Maria Valley YMCA. It is based on the successful Partners in Education program on the South Coast, which is also administered by the Santa Barbara County Education Office.

NCVC’s goal is to serve as a hub for volunteer management in North County schools and youth-serving agencies. Since NCVC began in August 2010, its volunteers have delivered nearly 23,000 hours of service in the Santa Maria, Lompoc, and Santa Ynez Valleys.

NCVC provides screening, training, placement and follow-up support to individuals, organizations and businesses wanting to serve in meaningful activities that support youth.

To volunteer for career day, sign up online at or call the North County Volunteer Corps at 736-4978, ext. 210. To get more information, call the office or visit